Top 10 coldest places in India, Best Cold Tourism Place

10 coldest places in India: In the winter season, the body trembles as soon as the slightest cold increases. People start chilling as soon as the mercury goes below 10. people warm clothes and warm Try to avoid cold by eating things that are strong.

Do you know about those places in India where every year from December to February Till it gets cold to break the record. Here it becomes difficult for humans to survive between snowfall and cold winds. Come today you will see those of the country Tells about the places where it gets coldest.

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Ladakh– ladakh got a new identity as a union territory in October 2019, amidst the Himalayan ranges. Here about 2,70,000 People follow Tibetan culture. The average temperature here in January is around -12 degree Celsius. while the highest temperature Can go up to -2 degrees only. It is advisable to go here only in the summer season. Heavy snow fall in winter and minus temperature for anyone Could become trouble.

manali city
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Manali– Manali is also a beautiful and popular tourist destination of India. Breathtaking views and fun activities remain the specialty of this place. This place remains hot during summers, but its temperature can go down to -10 degree Celsius as soon as winters come. Located in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, people who love Manali nature like it a lot. Hiking, river rafting and trekking The keepers definitely come here.

Lachen and Thangu Ghati

Lachen and Thangu Ghati

Lachen and Thangu Ghati– Lachun and Thangu Valley located in the northern part of Sikkim are also considered to be a great tourist spot. about 2,500 meters The average temperature of this place in January lies between -10 to -15 degree Celsius. Heavy snow fall here in the valley The heart bears witness to the debilitating winter. Apart from this, the temperature here remains at almost zero degrees throughout the year.

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Tawang- Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh is also one of the coldest places in India. This place is also quite famous among tourists. being in winter Due to heavy snowfall and avalanches, this offbeat tourist destination is counted. This is one of the most dangerous and cold places in India. In the winter season, the temperature of this place goes up to -15 degree Celsius.

Siachen Glacier

Siachen Glacier

Siachen Glacier – The title of the coldest place in India is near the Siachen Glacier. Located at an altitude of about 5,753 meters, this place is The temperature reaches up to -50 °C in January. Many soldiers of India-Pakistan stationed here facing this deadly cold. live. There are many such videos on the Internet where soldiers have been seen breaking eggs, tomatoes and juice from ice with a hammer. here So far, thousands of soldiers have lost their lives in adverse circumstances.

sela pass
sela pass

Sela Pass

Sela Pass – This icy paradise on earth is famous as ‘Icebox of India’. Situated at an altitude of about 4,400 meters above sea level Sela Pass is covered with a blanket of snow almost throughout the year. Throughout the year, these mountain ranges set in cold winds and avalanches. The temperature of this place goes up to -15 degrees.

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Kyelang– Kyelang of Himachal Pradesh is spread over a radius of about 40 km on Main Road. The temperature of this place is not very low It can be said, but it falls down to -5 degrees. This place for bike riders and those looking for many special cold destinations Quite splendid. This place is also connected to many other tourist spots like Manali, Kaza and Leh.



Sonmarg– Sonmarg is considered to be a great summer destination. However, in winter this place gets very cold. Sonmargka temperature near Can go down to -6 degree Celsius. Sonmarg is surrounded by many snow-capped mountains and icy lakes. It is one of those places in Kashmir Where there is an influx of tourists throughout the year.



Munsiyari – Situated at an altitude of 2,500 meters above sea level in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand, Munsiyari is a special place for nature lovers. The weather here remains cool and dry throughout the year and the temperature also remains around -10 degree Celsius. rare species of birds, from the snow The covered mountains and icy lakes have become the hallmark of Munsiyari.

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