BGMI: The Indian Version OF PUBG Mobile

BGMI, which we also know as PUBG or Battle Grounds Mobile India, is a world-famous game that almost every Indian youngster has played before. it is an Indian version of PUBG Mobile. It’s specially designed for Indian players.

BGMI is an online, multiplayer combat game that is based on the concept of battle royal where 100
players land on an island where players fight till the last man standing wins the whole game. It is a free to-play Battleground multiplayer game from KRAFTON, where players can compete in a variety of game
modes, including squad-based and one-on-one battles. BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA uses the full
powers of Unreal Engine 4 to bring life beautiful environments supplemented by 3D sound, creating a
genuinely immersive experience on a mobile phone.

Karfton published BGMI on the 2nd of July 2021 for android, and a few months later, on the 18th of
August, it was released for IOS.

BGMI has several game modes and maps you can enjoy with your friends in a squad. There are about six
active maps in BGMI: Erangel, Miramar, sanhok, Vikendi, lIvik, and karakin. Krafton has monthly new
updates for BMGI with new Skins, game modes, and many more. In this game, players can customize
their own characters and guns. You can make them look however you like, and there is an in-game
currency in BGMI called UC or Unknown cash; by using UC, you can make in-game purchases and buy
your favorite skins or the new royal pass that comes out every season.

Royal pass in BGMI

Every season, BMGI releases a new Royal pass, which includes a variety of incentives for battle pass
owners. To get all of these perks, users must perform several objectives and earn RP points in order to
gain access to the royale pass’s rewards.

How can you buy UC or Unknown Cash?

Unknown cash [UC] can be purchased through your credit/debit card, Midas buy, google pay, or any
other method. So, by paying (Rs 89), you get (60 UC), and for (300+ UC), you pay (Rs 449) ‘ ‘The
maximum UCs you can get is over (6,000), and for that, you got to pay (Rs 8,900). For royal pass, there
are two kinds of royal passes you can buy with your UC, one which is for 360 UC, the regular royal pass,
and the other one for 900 UC, the elite pass. Elite pass is more expensive than the average royale pass
because it contains some exclusive rewards like emotes, skins, and outfits, which you can only get if you
buy the elite royal pass.

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Game Modes and Ranking system of BGMI

Players are matched according to their rank in BGMI’s competitive mode, where you gain points for
every game you play. Each game option has a unique competitive ranking system. It depends on
whether you’re playing solo, duo, or squad. The ranking level for BGMI starts with 1. Bronze 2. silver 3.
Gold 4. Platinum 5. Diamond 6. Crown 7.ace and then the last and the hardest one to reach 8.
Conqueror. You will get different rewards for reaching each ranking level.
There are many more game modes like TDM (Team Death Match) or other quick game modes, which
only last for 15 minutes.

BGMI Lover
BGMI Lovers

In-game settings.

A player’s in-game settings are quite important. They can change their graphics settings or their
sensitivity level. You can set your sensitivity Level for different scopes like 2x. 3x. 6x. and many other
scopes. The graphics setting depends on which phone you are playing on; options you can see in BGMI’s
graphics section are Low. Medium. High, Ultra, and extreme. These settings depend upon your phone
processers. The more powerful your phone’s processor is the better performance you will get.

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Skins and outfits

To make the game more pleasing to players, Battlegrounds Mobile India has a multitude of weapon
skins and costumes. The incredibly intricate clothes and weaponry are available for purchase with UC
(Unknown Cash) or for free. Except for Royal Pass, free skins are pretty rare. Players must keep an eye
on the events in order to earn the desired skins. Currently, a few new events have been added to the
game. One of the best events ever launched in BGMI is the limited UC event in which players can claim
time-limited UC if they complete the required mission. This UC can only be used to purchase alternative
costumes, accessories, and weapon skins in the time-limited UC shop.

In-game Events

Krafton keeps updating their game to keep it interesting and for fun for the players. They keep adding
new events to the game from where the players can get free items like gun skins and unique outfits.
Krafton also adds special events for Indian users only. These events have exclusive rewards for only
BGMI players.

Play with your Friends

BGMI has a squad game option for four players. You can play with 3 of your friends or with random
players. In my opinion, playing in a squad with my friends is the most fun I’ve had in BGMI. In squad 100,
players (25 teams) land on an island and gather loot, you can revive your knocked-out teammates. Give
them supplies to heal and fight your way out till the end, where the last squad standing wins the game.

Upgradable skins

Some of the skins which you get through Unknown cash (UC) can be upgraded by spending some UC on
a few items. Upgraded skins have a unique special effect. When you kill a player, your name will have a
colorful background and some special effects will be shown on the screen. You can get an upgradable
skin through lucky spins, Or if you are fortunate enough for free from the free crates.

The Gun M416’s Glacier skin is one of the most common upgradeable gun skins in BGMI. Most of the
players have them because you can get it for free the classic crate.

The rarity of an Item in BGMI

In BGMI, items have different rarities like Grey is for common, purple is for epic. Pink is for legendary,
and red is for mythic, which is the rarest of them all. You can get mythic items from the royal pass or by
dropping some UC on the lucky spins.

Types Of Guns.

BGMI has all kinds of guns you can think of, from Sniper to Assault rifles (AR) or pistols. They have them
all. First, let’s talk about snipers. They have a lot of snipers rifles in their game, but the most commonly
used Sniper is the M24 or the Kar98. You can find these guns on the ground, but the most powerful gun
or sniper rifle, The AWP, cannot be found with the ground loot. AWP can be found in the airdrops, which
you can randomly find dropping all around the map. Now let’s talk about the AR, aka Assault rifles.

Sniper and the AR combo is one of the frequently used combinations of guns used in BGMI, The AR of
BGMI gamers is the M416, and it has a great fire rate with low recoil and great damage, and it is easy to
use for new players. That’s why it’s the favorite Assault rifle of BGMI gamers.

How Does the Ranking System Works?

The system gives you ranking points for every game you play. The ranking system provides the player
with points on behalf of their survival time, kills, and damage done by the player. The more of these you
have, the more points you gain. The more kills you have, the higher your K/D (Kills per Death) get.
Gamers with high K/D are known as Pro players, aka professional players

Things that can get you banned in BGMI.

The use of unauthorized software or hardware devices, as well as advertising hacks and programs, might
get you permanently banned from the game. Team killing, Exploiting bugs. Using racial slurs or Racist,
inappropriate user names, Trading or selling accounts can also result in a permanent ban from the
game. BGMI is very strict with its Rules.


Krafton and other esports platforms host many BGMI tournaments in which not only the professional
player but average gamer can join and play too. These tournaments have a massive prize pool, and
almost every gamer can apply for these tournaments by paying a small entering fee. Most of the
Tournaments are for squad players so, and if you have your own team, you should enter a tournament
match since you never know you may win the prize pool.

Why Made BGMI
Why Made BGMI

Why was BGMI made?

PUBG was created and operated by Bluehole before the formation of Krafton Inc. Following PUBG’s
global popularity, Tencent, a Chinese gaming company, decided to invest in the project. Tencent also
purchased game firms with the goal of developing PUBG on mobile devices. Because PUBG Mobile is a
Chinese company’s product, India’s government banned the battle royale genre in September 2020
because of security concerns. The prohibition came at a time when the two countries’ diplomatic ties
were at an impasse. After the ban of PUBG by the Indian government, Krafton announced publishing
BGMI for their Indian gamers.


Difference Between BGMI and PUBG

Actually, there are not many dissimilarities between these two games. BGMI is an Indian version of
PUBG MOBILE. The only dissimilarities between these two are that in PUBG MOBILE, there are six
servers players can play on, but in BGMI, there is only one server for Indian players only. Both of these
games have a different player database. Players from both games cannot play together. You can’t even
access BGMI if you live outside of India. Some of the in-game events are also different in BGMI, and they
have some special Indian events on specific days like Diwali or the 15th of August, Independence Day of

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