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Today Current Affairs. Here are some questions on current affairs and their answers are also given here. Daily Current Affairs will be provided here. We want the knowledge of current affairs to increase every day. It will help you prepare for government exams like SSC, IBPO, PO, RBI, RRB, CTET, TET, UPSC, BED, etc. If you read the question given here every day, your knowledge will definitely increase. If your friend is preparing for the exam, share it with friends, family and social media.

Current affairs Today 2021

Q.1. When is ‘National Consumer Rights Day’ celebrated?

a. 23 December

b. 22 December

c. 24 December

d. None of these

Ans: 24 December

Q.2. Who has won the Mother Teresa Memorial Award?

a. Neena Gupta

b. Anil Prakash Joshi

c. Namita Vikas

d. None of these

Ans: B. Anil Prakash Joshi

Q.3. Recently ‘Richard Rogers’ has passed away, who was he?

a. Writer

b. Singer

c. Architect

d. None of these.

Ans: C. Architect

Q.4. Which state government distributed special Covid assistance of Rs 6000 for each newspaper Hawker?

a. Bihar

b. Kerala

c. Odisha

d. None of these

Ans: C. Odisha

Q.5. The cabinet of which state has approved the establishment of the first teacher university?

a. Kerala

b. Delhi

c. Gujarat

d. None of these

Ans: B. Delhi

Q.6. India has signed an agreement of 140 million euros with the German Development Bank for energy reform program in which state?

a. Madhya Prdesh

b. Andhra Prdesh

c. Uttar Prdesh

d. None of these

Ans: A. Madhya Prdesh

Q.7. Justice Sanjay Kumar Mishra has been appointed as the acting Chief Justice of the High Court of which state?

a. Maharashtra

b. Gujarat

c. Uttarakhand

d. None of these.

Ans: C. Uttarakhand

Q.8. Recently in which country 66 million year old dinosaur embryo has been discovered?

a. USA

b. China

c. Japan

d. None of these

Ans: B. China

Q.9. Who has launched a messaging application named ‘ASIGMA’?



c. Indian Army

d. None of these

Ans: C. Indian Army

Q.10. Who has been appointed as MD & CEO of IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance?

a. Vivek Gogia

b. H O Suri

c. Ansu Kim

d. None of these.

Ans: B. H O Suri

Q.11. Which state government has constituted the Urban Development Authority for Madurai?

a. Telangana

b. Karnataka

c. Tamil Nadu

d. None of these

Ans: C. Tamil Nadu

Q.12. Where has IAF deployed the first squadron of the first S-400 missile system?

a. Rajasthan

b. Punjab

c. Gujarat

d. None of these

Ans: B. Punjab

Q.13. Which medal has Aanchal Singh won in FIS Alpine skiing competition?

a. Silver

b. Gold

c. Bronze

d. None of these

Ans: C. Bronze

Q.14. Which state government has launched Chalo mobile app and smart card for bus travel?

a. Rajasthan

b. Maharashtra

c. Uttar Pradesh

d. None of these

Ans: B. Maharashtra

Q.15. Who has won his 11th National Billiards title?

a. Anahat Singh

b. Dhruv Sitwala

c. Pankaj Advani

d. None of these

Ans: C. Pankaj Advani

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