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Today Current Affairs. Here are some questions on current affairs and their answers are also given here. Daily Current Affairs will be provided here. We want the knowledge of current affairs to increase every day. It will help you prepare for government exams like SSC, IBPO, PO, RBI, RRB, CTET, TET, UPSC, BED, etc. If you read the question given here every day, your knowledge will definitely increase. If your friend is preparing for the exam, share it with friends, family and social media.

Current affairs 2021 of India

Q.1. When is the International Day of Pandemic Preparedness celebrated?

a. 26 December

b. 25 December

c. 27 December

d. None of these

Ans: 27 December

Q.2. Who has become the new co-chairman of FIDC?

a. Sanjay Chaurasiya

b. Umesh Revankar

c. Kamlesh Gandhi

d. None of these

Ans: Kamlesh Gandhi

Q.3. Recently ‘Jean Marc Vallee’ has passed away, who was he?

a. Journalist

b. Singers

c. Film Producer

d. None of this

Ans: Flim Producer

Q.4. Which state government has launched CM Dashboard 360 Monitoring System?

a. Rajasthan

b. Andhra Pradesh

c. Tamil Nadu

d. None of these

Ans: Tamil Nadu

Q.6. Who has topped in the recently released NITI Aayou’s fourth The Healthy States Progressive India report?

a. Kerala

b. Tamil Nadu

c. Telangana

d. None of these

Ans: Kerala

Q.7. Who has won the 11th Hockey India Junior National Championship?

a. Tamil Nadu.

b. Uttar Pradesh

c. Gujarat

d. None of these

Ans: Uttar Pradesh

Q.8. Raghavendra Kumar Singh has been appointed as the new Principal Secretary of Public Relations Department of which state?

a. Uttarakhand

b. Uttar Pradesh

c. Madhya Pradesh

d. None of these

Ans: Madhya Pradesh

Q.9. Rajiv Ahuja has been appointed as MD & CEO of which bank?

a. BOB

b. YES Bank

c. RBL Bank

d. None of these

Ans: RBL Bank

Q.10. Whose novel Kintsugi has won the Sushila Devi Award 2021?

a. Vivek Gogia

b. Anukerti Upadhyay

c. Dr Imtiaz Sooliman

d. None of these

Ans: Anukerti Upadhyay

Q.11. Where has the World Sangeet Tansen festival started?

a. Rajasthan

b. Maharashtra

c. Madhya Pradesh

d. None of these

Ans: Madhya Pradesh

Q.12. Who inaugurated the BRO Annual Chief Engineers Conference?

a. Narendra Modi

b. Dr Ajay Kumar

c. Rajnath Singh

d. None of these

Ans: Dr Ajay Kumar

Q.13. Who has written the book ‘Kashmir the Quest for Peace in a Troubledland”?

a. Adyasha Das

b. Urjit Patel

e. Nirmal Chander Vij

d. None of these

Ans: Nirmal Chander Vij

Q.14. Where has Oil India Limited announced to set up a hydrogen plant?

a. Odisha

b. Assam

c. Maharashtra

d. None of these

Ans: Assam

Q.15. Who has been elected as the President of International Automobile Federation’?

a. Jean Todt

b. Christine Wormuth

c. Mohammed Ben Sulayem

d. None of these

Ans: Mohammed Ben Sulayem

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