Indian Railway Train About And Horns Meaning

Indian Railway Train Horn Meaning

  • Onc short horn mean train came in yard and it’s time to clean for other journey
  • Two short horn mean Train is ready for departure.
  • Three short horn mean loco pilot lost her control from The Engine, but it’s rare
  • Four small horn mean Train has some technical problem
Train Horns Meaning
Train Horns Meaning
  • Two small and one long horn mean One chain pulled
  • Continuously long horn mean Train is not going to stop on platform.
  • Two interval horn mean Train is coming towards railway crossing.
  • Tow long and one short horn mean Train is changing track
  • Six small horn mean men’s danger

Indian Railway Train About

Indian railway network is one of the largest in the world.  Millions of people travel by train every day.

Diamond railway crossing in India has come up in Nagpur.

New Delhi Railway Station is a large and busy railway station in India.

India’s fastest Gatimaan Express is the fastest train.  This train runs at 160km/h.

The biggest pet from India is at Gorakhpur railway station.  It is spread over 1.35 km.  Surat railway station is the cleanest station in India.
Surat railway station is the cleanest station in India.

India’s biggest railway station is Howrah Junction railway station.  This station has 23 platform.

Most Powerful Locomotive (Train Engine)
Most Powerful Locomotive

Ghoom railway station is the highest station in India.  This station is situated at 7,405 ft par.

The longest passenger train is Dibrugarh – Kanyakumari Vivek Express.  This train runs till 4,233 KM.

The most expensive luxury train is Maharaja Express with fare of 4 days & 3 night at Rs 1,74,600.

The longest rail bridge is Bogibeel Bridge Rail Bridge with a length of 4.94 kilometres.

The longest train tunnel is the Panjal Railway Tunnel, their length is 11.21 km.

The highest railway bridge is the Chenab River Railway Bridge, their height is 1,178 ft.
The most powerful train engine is the Indian locomotive class WAP-7. Their speed ranges from 110 – 140 km/h.

Indian Railway Train About Facts

  1. Indian Railways was started on 8th May 1845.
  2. For the first time in India, the train was run between Mumbai and Thana.
  3. There are total 7,083 railway stations in India.
  4. Indian Railways had generated $ 24.78 billion revenue in the year 2020.
  5. The total length of Indian Railways track is 1,26,366 KM.

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