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Today Current Affairs. Here are some questions on current affairs and their answers are also given here. Daily Current Affairs will be provided here. We want the knowledge of current affairs to increase every day. It will help you prepare for government exams like SSC, IBPO, PO, RBI, RRB, CTET, TET, UPSC, BED, etc. If you read the question given here every day, your knowledge will definitely increase. If your friend is preparing for the exam, share it with friends, family and social media.

Latest Current Affairs 2022

Q.1. When is Global Family Day celebrated?

a. 02 January

b. 01 January

c. 31 December

d. None of these

Ans: 1 January

Q.2. America has taken out Mali Guinea and which country from duty free trade program?

a. Sudan

b. Morocco

c. Ethiopia

d. None of these

Ans: Ethiopia

Q.3, Which state’s University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences has received the National Award for breed conservation?

a. Odisha

b. Kerala

c. Maharashtra

d. None of these

Ans: Kerala

Q4. Which country has become the sixth country in the world to report more than 10 million Covid-19 infections?

a. Russia

b. Brazil

c. France

d. None of these

Ans: France

Q.5. In which state bas Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the Savra Kuddu Hydroelectric Project?


b. Himachal Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh

d. None of these

Ans: Himachal Pradesh

Q6. Which state’s High Court has become the country’s first paperless court?

a. Kerala

b. Manipur

e Mizoram

d. None of these

Ans: Kerala

Q.7. Which Indian company has acquired the UK battery maker Furadion?

a Exide

b. Tata Power

C. JP Power

d. Reliance New Energy

Ans: Reliance New Energy

Q.8. Sahitya Akademi has selected Daya Prakash Sinha for Sahitya Akademi Award 2021 for which language?

a. Urdu

b. Hindi

c. English

d. None of these

Ans: Hindi

Q.9. Which country has launched the Inmarsat-6 F1 communication satellite into orbit?

a. China

b. Russia

e. Japan

d. None of these

Ans: Japan

Q.10. Where has the ‘Right to Pee’ campaign been launched to improve the condition of public toilets?

a. Odisha

b. Nagpur

c. Rajasthan

d. None of these

Ans: Nagpur

Q.11. In which country the first case of Florana infection has been reported?

a. Mexico

b. Italy

c. Israel

d. None of these

Ans: Israel

Q.12. Who has been appointed as the Secretary in the Ministry of Steel?

a. Vijay Raaz.

b. Sanjay Kumar Singh

e. Varun Sharma

d. None of these

Ans: Sanjay Kumar Singh.

Current Affairs Today 2022

Q.13. Who has been honored with the prestigious ‘KBE Honor’?

a. Sanjay Arora

b. Soma Sankara Prasad

c. Ajay Kumar Kakkar

d. None of these

Ans: Ajay Kumar Kakkar

Q.14. According to the recently released National Tiger Conservation Authority report, how many tigers have died in India in 2021?

a. 44

b. 126

c. 56

d. None of these

Ans: 126

Q.15. Which country has started the world’s longest metro line?

a. Russia

b. USA

c. China

d. None of these

Ans: China.

Current affairs Today 28 December 2021

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