Omicron Symptoms treatment, isolation, diet

Omicron Symptoms: What should you do if you get omicron or if you come in contact with someone? How to stay in isolation at home, what should be taken in home treatment, what vitamins and what food should be eaten and what things you should monitor at home and what are the symptoms when you should see a doctor immediately

Read this article completely, why this is a very informative article, whoever has either got Omicron or what should be done if you have come in contact with Omicron or someone has come in contact with Corona virus.

New Covid Variant Omicron Worse Then Covid Delta

What to do if the symptoms of Omicron come into your body

If you have come in contact with an Omicron positive, then first of all isolate yourself. Because Omicron spreads all the more quickly

According to most of Omicron’s reports, most of the people who have Omicron symptoms in their family are getting Omicron. Apart from that, you need proper rest but not such that you sleep all the time, do some activity without disrespecting the room. And you should take care of medicine or mental health a little bit because most of the people only after listening to covid, their mental condition gets worse.

For this, do some exercise, do yoga exercise breathing, why breathing exercise is so important. You have to take great care of the mask and change the mask every 6 hours and do not throw the used mask in the open or throw it in any dust bin. You have to throw it properly by packing it in a plastic bag.

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It has been found in some research that air purifier also helps a lot if you have a batter in your house, if there is no batter in your house then try to get fresh air.

The most important thing is that you have to be very careful in drinking, food. Why what happens at that time that our body becomes very week and it remains in special children that children do not eat food and bind food. The most important thing is to keep taking flutes, it is best to give hot water to the children to drink.

Because this omicron is present in the throat of more than 90% of the people, after that it works only in 10% of the people in whom it infects the lungs. That’s why if you take good care of it, then the symptoms are very mild in most of the people, but it is not that everyone is mild, some people are also getting severe. And special among those who have not taken the vaccine

You have to take a good diet, in a good diet you can take fruits, which are special winter fruits like orange, papaya, apple, you can take all these and

Egg, which is protein rich, is very important for diet and for daily protein, at least one time must be included in eating pulses, such as lentils, paneer, egg and non-veg should be cooked properly or soybean has become pea become green. You can take vegetable seasonal vegetable

But you have to completely avoid those healthy food fry items, cold things have to be avoided at all. And after that medicine, paracetamol mostly fever comes in the medicine, do not do self-medication what you are, but all these things like Paracetamol, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Multi Vitamins, all these are very important. If you are deficient in any vitamin, then you can start medication with the advice of a doctor, because it will help in increasing immunity definitely.

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