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Spider-Man: No Way Home Download: Finally Marvel Everyone is very excited for Spider-Man: No Way Home movie because something is going to happen in this movie which will blow everyone’s senses. Here I am going to see live action Enjoyment 2021 for the first time.

That means many different spots. We did not see the second Spider-Man in the first trailer of this movie, but here we have seen the villains of his world, which are indicating like a big story. Today I will tell you about the story of this movie. So let’s see if we get to know from this trailer

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In that chicken post, we saw in China that the Egyptians had accusing the family of dying that he had taken his life and that he had caused destruction with a drone. After that the Egyptians had also told everyone that Peter Parker is Spider-Man and in this trailer, we see that the daily Google news is running all over New York City in which the reality of Spider-Man has been told and that news is to be seen.

After that Peter is running away with MG here. But police helicopters chased him and caught him and later Peter is being interrogated by making him sit in the police station. Here Peter is handcuffed. Although he can easily break that handcuff and run away from there but he has surrendered and he is cooperating with the police. Peter P alleges that he has killed Mr. Although he is telling the police that Miss Tun was killed because of the drones but because he belonged to M Industries and his axis was with Peter. Any police feel that he did not murder the same.

Because of this allegation, the name of Spider-Man has become infamous all over the world. Although he is still a hero for some people, but most people are considering him as a criminal. Even if Peter proves in some way that he neither broke the rope nor killed Mr. Even then his problem will not be solved because now everyone has come to know his real identity. This has increased the danger to his family and friends and has made it very difficult for him to get anywhere. Peter thought that in a few days everything would be alright.

But when all this did not stop for several days, then he started solving this problem. And in this we see that seeing M here, Peter misses Doctor Strange and at such a time what can be more than being a magician friend because Doctor Strange also lives in New York, so Peter reaches his house. goes . And the first thing to note here is that the whole house is covered with snow while the weather outside is clear.

Maybe this is the effect of some Magic Ricky failure. Peter here tells Doctor Strange about his problem and asks him if he can do anything with his magic, Mr. Kyuki, and because Dr. Strange is the only thing possible for him. But just calling out to the minds of the whole world that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. It is very risky to do such magic. That’s why there Doctor forbids Strange from doing this work. Although Dr. Strange had thought of helping Peter, Wang was going somewhere at that time, and we avoid him from there.

The village is probably going to China now where he will meet. Doctor Strange takes Peter to a dungeon after Eminence and Shanky leave the village. Here are in their full costume and after them all the autos too. We know very well that earlier there was time stone inside the auto but now there is no infinity stones in this universe and in am we saw that the auto of Doctor Change was broken from the police stations and now it means to see this locket again here It could be that the little one was wearing was a fake auto or just now Doctor Strange is wearing a fake locket for the show. Then further Doctor Strangers starts doing his trick in the dungeon.

But when the minister says while reading that the whole world will forget that P is a don. Even then, Dal says that he does not want to destroy everyone’s ideal, but he wants some people to remember this thing but it was too late and Doctor Strange’s magic started working. But when Peter disturbs them again and again, he gets distracted by Doctor Strange and his minister gets upset. Because of this, there is a difference of a whole multi-year and maybe some universes have marched among themselves here.

That’s why people from other worlds have started coming to this world now and they are not ordinary people, but they are other spots. Although we got a glimpse of many villains in this entire trailer, but we have got people for only one villain. Doctor Octopus And this is the same off that we saw in the movie Spider-Man 2 in the year 2004. The actor who played this villain has not said that the story of Doctor Bus in this film will start from the same place where it ended means fogging, but in that movie we saw that Doctor Octopus himself had to save the city. had sacrificed. But if it is true that the story of this actor will start YC, then it means that the doctor was not killed by drowning in the river, but was teleported from there and now he has reached another university and he has done bad deeds again.

If you have started eating, then talking about the rest of the doctor bus, we see lighting in some scenes of the trailer and it is the villain of Electric Electro’s family and the same actor is doing the role of this villain in the documentary. did roll. At the end of that movie we saw Elector getting killed but now it seems that he too was teleported from there instead of dying. Electric color was blue in that movie but when Epps was recast for this role he told that he will not be blue color this time and looking at M looks like Electro will be his comic F this time. Talking about the third villain, in one scene of the trailer, we only see the bomb and in this we also have the sound of laughing.

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  • Tom Holland to play Role As A Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the movie
  • Zendaya To play Role As A Michelle Jones in the movie
  • Benedict Cumberbatch To Play Role as A Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange in the movie
  • Jacob Batalon To Play Role as A Ned Leeds In The Movie
  • Jon Favreau To Play Role as A Happy Hogan In The Movie
  • Marisa Tomei To Play Role as A May Parker In The Movie
  • Alfred Molina To Play Role as A Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus In The Movie
  • Willem Dafoe To Play Role as A Norman Osborn/Green Goblin In The Movie
  • Jamie Foxx To Play Role as A Max Dillon/Electro In The Movie
  • Thomas Haden Church To Play Role as A Flint Marko/Sandman In The Movie
  • Rhys Ifans To Play Role as A Curt Connors/Lizard In The Movie
  • Benedict Wong To Play Role as A Master Wong In The Movie
  • Tony Revolori To Play Role as A Flash Thompson In The Movie
  • J.K. Simmons To Play Role as A J. Jonah Jameson In The Movie
  • Angourie Rice To Play Role as A Betty Brant In The Movie
  • Jorge Lendeborg Jr. To Play Role as A Jason Ionello In The Movie
  • Hannibal Buress To Play Role as A Andre Wilson In The Movie
  • Martin Starr To Play Role as A Roger Harrington In The Movie
  • J.B. Smoove To Play Role as A Julius Dell In The Movie
  • Charlie Cox To Play Role as A Matt Murdock/Daredevil In The Movie
  • Paula Newsome To Play Role as A M.I.T. Administrator In The Movie

It is legal to download Marvel movies for free

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