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the tragedy of macbeth directed and written by joel cohen who is one of the brothers from the coen brothers and starring

The tragedy of Macbeth Movie theatrical release on 25 December 2021, Prior to streaming on Apple TV+ on 14 January, 2022. 

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The tragedy of Macbeth movie Star Cast

Actor Name Character Name
Denzel Washington  as Lord Macbeth
Frances McDormand as Lady Macbeth
Corey Hawkins as Macduff
Brendan Gleeson as King Duncan
Harry Melling as Malcolm
Bertie Carvel as Banquo
Alex Hassell  as Ross
Kathryn Hunteras the witches
Moses Ingram as Lady Macduff
Ralph Ineson as The Captain
Sean Patrick Thomas as Monteith
Stephen Root as The Porter
Brian Thompson, Wayne T. Carr and Scott Subiono as the three murderers
Richard Short as Siward
Susan Berger as Lady-in-Waiting
Jefferson Mays  as Doctor
Matt Helm as Donalbain
James Udon as Seyton

The tragedy of Macbeth movie Reviews

welcome back to a brand new movie review today we’re discussing one of my most anticipated films of the fall season that is the tragedy of macbeth directed and written by joel cohen who is one of the brothers from the coen brothers and starring the likes of denzel washington francis mcdormand alex haas and corey hawkins now this is about a scottish lord who becomes convinced by a trio of witches that he will become the next king of scotland and his ambitious wife supports him

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in his plans of seizing power now this is very much shakespeare now if you’re a fan of shakespeare you’re going to love this movie you’re not a fan of shakespeare i still think you’re going to find some things in here that are very much for the film crowd especially if you are a film geek like me now for me

i’m not the biggest fan of shakespeare there are some stories that i absolutely adore some that i don’t love and some that i’ve just never truly gotten into and macbeth is the one that while i love the concept of it it has never truly worked out for me as being one of my favorite shakespearean tales and as i’m looking at all of his big run-up lineups and finding out that this is joe cohen’s big passion project to make the fact that he actually made this one i can see

why this is his big passion project you

can tell from every single scene in every single moment but the second thing is this is probably my favorite interpretation of macbeth that i’ve seen in a while when it comes onto a film screen even if i still feel like this is a movie that i need to dive into because the more that i think about it the more that i do really like about it but the one thing

i have to say is how is no one putting this in their oscar predictions like it’s baffling me that no one’s talking about this movie for those i have a lot of thoughts of what should be nominated what shouldn’t be and all sorts of things like that but definitely tragedy macbeth should be a high contender in all those things even if i didn’t love the movie i still really liked it and i’m sure if you’re here you also love talking movies so make sure to hit that like and subscribe button so we can keep talking movies

over here on a daily basis down below in the comment section i want to hear your guys’s thoughts what’s your thoughts on shakespeare what’s your favorite shakespearean tale do you love macbeth are you excited for this movie well let’s discuss it all down there with any movie review i love starting talking about the pros because i’m all about film appreciation one of the big things is the commanding actor in here denzel washington one of my favorite quotes from one of his movies is training day and it’s this one because i’m a burn this down

The tragedy of Macbeth movie 480p 720p 1080p

king kong ain’t got on me cuz king kong ain’t got on him seriously when you look at every performance this guy gives it is always a hundred and ten percent denzel washington is one of the best actors that has ever lived and that has ever been in the hollywood spear and this movie just shows he commands the god damn screen and for me he is one of the best actors that has given a performance in 2021 and honestly this might be one of my favorite denzel washington performances ever he absolutely embodies macbeth in every single way and it really impressed me with how he was able to delve in and really much camouflage himself into this role you

completely forget that you were watching denzel washington do shakespeare it is amazing to see what he does in this movie if he’s not nominated i will literally cause a riot i’m not saying he should win because i still think will smith is the best performance of this year but man oh man this is performances out of this world insanely great so it goes of course the francis pink doorman who plays lady macbeth and she is amazing as well again another actress

that when we’re talking about our favorite actresses of all time frances mcdormand’s name should be in there she’s so stellar likes of alex hassell corey hawkins brandon gleason harry mc milling miles anderson and really much any person you can name from this movie they are all fantastic there is not one weak link in this film each and every one of them brings this shakespearean play to life and again the big star of this not just from the performances is our director and writer joel cohen who this is his big passion project and you

can feel it in every scene what a technical masterpiece this is now i don’t think the movie’s perfect but technically this film is a masterpiece the cinematography is some of the most exquisite and beautiful stuff that I ‘have seen and we’ve gotten couple black and white movies this year this is the cup of it all this is the best looking one of them all and truly enough i there are certain scenes that i have no idea how he pulled off i just look at that and i’m like on an artistic level how in the hell did you make that a lot of film

nerds are absolutely going to ooh ah this mesmerizing gaze as they watch this movie i could not take my eyes off the screen watching this movie and again that’s not just because of the performances even though i was totally inclined with what denzel washington was doing in here he commanded the screen once again cohen’s direction here is one of the most impressive things that I’ve seen this year and i was truly engaged from top to bottom with any shakespearean tale there’s so much to dive into and discuss and really much

analyze that’s some of the stuff i’m actually looking forward to on repeat viewings and i actually think that i might come to love macbeth even more than i did originally coming out of the screening because right now i’m not really liking it but i’m hoping eventually on certain re-watches i might get to that point of loving it other technical achievement that i really want to discuss with this movie is the sound design this is one of the things that

i’ve been starting to pick up a little bit later in my career as a film critic well a little bit later i’m still young but in general the last couple of years and the sound design here the sound mixing the editing all that sort of nature bring this to life there are certain howls and creaks in the way that these they really much bring out the atmosphere inside this location the production design as well is so exquisite again

blew my mind away and it actually made me feel like i was watching a broadway play on the screen in front of every single performance moment and every single sequence i felt like as every act went on every act got better and better and usually it’s the opposite start strong gets a little bit weaker through

this movie it was the opposite way like i said i only really like this movie and there’s a couple things that i do think the movie held back maybe this is just because of expectations yeah cohen brother’s doing this film and i’m i get hyped on my mind i want to see what he’s going to do that’s maybe different than the other tales of macbeth that i’ve seen and walking into the movie i expected

something a little bit different no this is straight shakespearean and i actually wish i feel like it was a miss to not do something a little bit different yes some little glimmers and sequences and set pieces are very much different but i wanted a little bit more from that overall and that’s what i was truly expecting from this movie but i didn’t get it and again maybe that’s my expectations there and maybe that’s what a rewatch will really much help but i do feel like the style of the cohen’s wasn’t there and even though the direction was so strong and powerful


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