Gun Made In India Will Finish The Drone In A Jiffy! - Chimera Drone Gun By Godrej Cerbair Home Affair Ministry Exhibition Lbsv

India'S Made Special Gun Will Finish The Drone In A Jiffy 8 March 2022

Indian Company Godroj Has Made A Very Great Gun To Destroy Enemy Dronesphoto: Godrej Sarbare

If The Enemy Country'S Drones Come In Our Border, Then This Antidrone Gun Can Jam Their Signal.Photo: Godrej Sarbair

The Name Of This Gun Is Chimera 100, Which The Jawan Can Take With Him To Any Place.Photo: Godrej Sarbair

Through This Gun, The Connectivity Of The Drone Coming Towards It Can Be Broken, After The Contact Is Lost, The Drone Falls On The Groundphoto: Godrej Sarbair

The Gun Has A Range Of 4 To 5 Km, Which Also Detects Whether The Drone Is About To Attack Or Is Just For Surveillancephoto: Godrej Sarbair

This Anti Drone Gun Will Help Vvip Security And Avoid Drone Attacks On The Borderphoto: Godrej Sarbair

Pakistani And Chinese Drones Can Be Shot Down With The Help Of Chimera 100 Anti-Drone Gun, It Can Also Be Used In Areas Like Siachenphoto: Godrej Sarbair

Godrej Has Made It In India With A License From French Company Sarbaerphoto: Godrej Sarbaer

This Gun Has A Complete System In The Backup Whose Antenna Detects The Drone.Photo: Godrej Sarbair

China-Pakistan Drones Can Be Shot Down By This Gun On The Bordersphoto: Godrej Sarbair