What Is A NFT Domain

What Is NFT ?

NFT Men’s Non fungible Token NFT is a type of unique token It is your digital asset that increases and decreases your value men’s Generate Your Value. NFT is a crypto token just like a bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. For EX. If only a few people have bitcoins, they can exchange them and generate value. Similarly, NFT is a digital asset, you can find it in art, music, film, games or you can get it in any collection.

What Is NFT Domain?

NFT domain means that which never expires domain. That domain is not on rent to you, but you become the owner of that domain. If you buy a domain from GoDaddy, name chip ,or any other website, then it gives you the domain on rent as if its fee is paid for 1 year, then you will have to renew it after 1 year.

But this is not the case in NFT domains Here once the app has taken the domain, after that you are entitled to that domain, you will never have to renew it. Buy the domain with a one time registration fee and never worry about renewals again.

The record of this domain is not with ICANN, but its record is in the blockchain.

How To Get NFT Domain?

how to create NFT domain names?

Although there are many websites in the market but you will get all the crypto domains on this website.

What Is TLD Of NFT?

Just like the (.com , .org .info ) of the normal domain is the TLD (.zil , .crypto, .crypto , .wallet , .bitcoin , .x , .888 , .nft , .dao , .blockchain) of the NFT domain

Is the NFT domain hosted on a normal server?

No Its Host Only IPFS

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