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What Is Satta matka ?

At present, the craze day of earning money online across the country is increasing day by day. People are getting interested in earning money online. In the pursuit of earning money online, many times the person falls into the wrong path and fights like gaming. and in future because of them, that person has to suffer a great loss. at the present time every Someone dreams of getting rich as soon as possible.

every person’s dream to become rich it happens. But people have more desire to become rich soon and in the pursuit of becoming rich quickly, a person falls into the wrong company. The wrong company in which the person falls. that wrong accompaniment The loss will have to be suffered a lot in the future in Satta King

most people spend their hard earned money in the greed of earning more money at once. Keep putting it on continuously. Then he loses that money, so he invests the money in the hope that maybe He should get back the money he lost. But it is a form of gambling, and that is a form of gambling.

Slowly sinking into the swamp. Then they neither get their lost money and the chances of losing new money are also very high. At the same time, that precious time is neither returned, nor invaluable money. Therefore Today we thought that Satta King did you all the complete information about Black Satta King To be given So that you can know about it, and stay away from Satta Game.

What Is A Satta King


Satta King which is very popular satta market. all of you This question must have come to mind. ,In simple language, Matka is also called satta in Hindi and people like gambling. Satta Matka are called gambling in an English. this one There is a type of full-fledged lottery game. Game like Satta King started in the year 1950.

Which have been there since the independence of India. Its us in the time of beginning of satta king Also called figure jugaad. Along with this, many different changes were made in this game. But this name Matka remained with it till the present time. Satta Matka 1980 to 1990 Was very popular till now.

Why the popularity of this game increased due to the repeated raids of the Mumbai Police, whose Due to this there was a lot of damage in the arrangement of Matka game. satta matka in the time of 1990 The business monthly turnover used to be more than 500 crores. but at the present time

History Of Satta Matka

Satta Matka was started from the time of 1950. most of the time People used to bet on the future opening and closing prices. That cotton that time to Bombay From the Cotton Exchange it was sent to the New York Cotton Exchange.

History Of Satta Matka, King, Image
History Of Satta Matka
  • When the New York Cotton Exchange banned this type of betting game in 1961. then in All satta game owners had to find some other way. by which he is like a satta matka To keep the business alive.
  • On the other hand, in the year 1962, Kalyanji Bhagat came to another stream of speculative market, which was a He was the owner of a grocery shop. He released a new Satta Bazar from Worli, Mumbai. Whose Named Kalyan Worli Matka. He added some more new rules in the speculative market. whose According to this, even the poorest person can bet in that satta market and this satta game The special thing was that in this game only one satta game could be played with only 1 rupee.
  • After 2 years of this, Ratan Khatri again started a new satta game. whose name is new Worli Matka was kept. It was constructed in the year 1964 and there are some new ones in this speculative market. By adding rules, this game was changed a bit more.
  • In the Satta session, Kalyanji Bhagat Matka used to run on all the days of Satta. Same Ratan Khatri week 6 was run for days.
  • When most of the textile meal in movies started proving, then the number of workers in the meal also It became more and due to that, the people playing Matka also increased. all slowly It has its own shops and became a huge hub of Matka in Central Mumbai.
  • Such a time had come in the business of speculation. When between 1980-1990 business was a lot had become a popular trader and in that betting amount was more than 500 crores per month. There was turnover.
  • After that, due to repeated rates by the Mumbai Police, there was a lot of satta on the matka bases. The damage was done and then the speculative bases were gradually moved out of the city to the village from Gujarat, Rajasthan etc.
  • Then when there is no more option left for the same betting betting, then other other matka and online Lotteries started getting more attention. At the same time some people started playing betting games on cricket matches Gave.

Then as the copy of Mumbai Police started increasing and this business also suffered a lot. It started right there when Kalyanji Bhagat’s son Suresh Bhagat was murdered and at the same time Satta game has almost stopped in India since 2008. but after that now at the present time There are many different games running like Satta Matka and Satta King, which are very popular.

As in Gali 2021, Disawar 2021, Faridabad 2021, Punjab Super 2021, Delhi Bazaar 2021, New Faridabad 2021, JD Durga 2021, Kuber 2021 etc.

What is Satta King 2021

Satta Matka is like 1 type of lottery game and starts with In order to play this, batting was put on the sense of cotton and the satta king was only for those people.
The word was addressed to the one who wins every time and becomes the king of the satta game. Those The individuals were known by the name Satta King. In the beginning of Satta Matka, when Kalyanji Bhagat introduced this game, he called this game a game of luck. And in the form of a game of luck, the rules of Satta Matak, introduced in Mumbai, have changed significantly.

How many Satta Games are played in the present time?

Initially Satta King in a limit Used to be and satta game was played only at some of the main main places across the country. But At present, many types of satta games are played. about which the following information is given Satta King’s Games Online Satka Matka, Satta King Faridabad, Satta King Ghaziabad, Satta King Disawar, Satta King Gali etc.

Why is sattaking.com not opening In INDIA

SATTA MATKA History, image

Satta King is completely illegal in India. Therefore The government has banned this website. But still this website sometimes comes back to life And the Sattaking.com website is not open due to repeated statements made by the government is happening. The new URL link of Satta king 2021 website is sattakingnow.in which is as of now. working properly in time. If you want to go to this domain. Which you can play. At the same time it is equally illegal to play these games. as much as the rest would have been.

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