Why Bhavin Bhanushali deleted all his social media posts ?

Bhavan Bhanushali is an Artist and he was also very active on social media. He went ahead with his career from Tik Tok and today he has 4.7 million followers on Instagram.

But just recently, he deleted all the posts on his social media .Because of that his fan is very sad That his account was also not hacked like carry Minati.

Because his fans are very upset, he has got a shock that suddenly all the social media posts got deleted.

But yesterday he released a video on his Instagram page. In that he told that he is lost somewhere in his career. He told that he is running in a fancy race on social media but he does not know why he is in the race. And they have said that their inner conscience is saying that you were not made for such things.

He wants to do something different and because of this he has deleted all his social media posts. He is going to bring something new and exciting for his fan. Then don’t worry, he is with us, he is looking for his time.

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