Crazy Facts About North Korea 2022

North Korea country has come in the Asia segment. His official name is Republic of Korea. Just like something has two sides, today you know North Korea some good things and some bad things. Know today 20 strange and interesting facts about North Korea. It’s a beautiful country. North Korea is called hell on earth. There, no one likes to go by their strange laws. You can read be also shocked by reading North Korea facts. Comment me some facts amazing facts your country.

Shocking Facts About North Korea

In North Korea, it is a crime to believe in religion, anyone who appears to be worshiping is harassed.

The President of North Korea is Kim Jong.
The President of North Korea is Kim Jong.

The President of North Korea is Kim Jong.
Kim Jong spends billions of dollars to live his luxury life. Every year Kim Jong’s liquor costs 20 crores.

Music is banned in country. The government there believes that this music motivates people to raise their voice.

Men in North Korea can have 28 types of hairstyles. Those hairstyles which have been approved by the government, only those people can keep the hairstyle. Any other hairstyle is made tied while keeping it.

It is a fact in this country that blue jeans is American culture. That’s why there is a ban on wearing blue jeans.

Anyone who has committed a crime by mistake is punished up to 3 generations. This punishment is given only in North Korea.

It has been banned in the country to have hair style that looks like Kim Jong. In 2007 one person made several international calls. This person was given the death penalty as a punishment.

Anything or anyone who insults Kim Jong’s family is punished severely under North Korean law. 2008 A woman had her child by fire. He did not save the picture of Kim Jong. He was imprisoned in prison.

There only people of government officials can buy a car. Other people have been banned from buying cars.


No ordinary people can make international calls in North Korea. Making international calls here is considered a crime. On June 8, 1994, North Korea’s President Kim Sung was death. Until now, smiling, talking loudly, having fun, dancing or drinking alcohol has been banned in North Korea on this day. Anyone who does this can be hanged according to the government of North Korea.

Here people have been banned from traveling abroad without permission. Whoever does this or some people run away from there, they are hanged.

The calendar used in the whole world is not in North Korea. There a calendar called Juche is used. It begins on the birthday of Kim Al Sung. He was born in 1912.

People work 6 days out of the week all over the world. In North Korea, work has to be done on all days of the week and Sunday salary is not given.

In North Korea, if a woman flees and comes back, her child is taken care of until her child is born. When a woman is delivered, the child is killed, the woman is imprisoned.

In 1962, a US soldier fled and went inside the border of North Korea. He had to spend his whole life in this country.

North Korea has captured America’s ship.

In the 50s, North Korea built a good looking city of Keejong Dog near the border to invite the people of South Korea to North Korea. It was actually a ghost town.

23 thousand people of this country have come to live in South Korea, but only 2 people went from South Korea to live in North Korea.

In 1974, a Volvo car was imported to North Korea by Kim L. Sang from Sweden. Kim L Sang was never given money for this car.

The people of North Korea do not know anything about the outside world because only North Korean news is shown on TV there. The people of this country can watch only 3 TV channels.

No one in this country can watch porn movies. Anyone who watches porn movies is punished with death.
Every home in North Korea has a radio. We cannot tie this radio even if we want to.

North Korea claims to America that it has more educated people than this, but more than half of the people there are living in extreme poverty.

In North Korea, elections are held every five years, but the people there have no right to choose the leader of their choice. Every year there is only one candidate, Kim Jong.

Shocking facts a North Korea, there is a caste of electricity bond at night.

Scary Facts About North Korea

Also the fact that North Korea has a space agency called NADA doesn’t mean anything in Spanish.

No one can celebrate birthday on 18th July and 17th December.
No one can celebrate birthday on 18th July and 17th December.

No one can celebrate birthday on 18th July and 17th December. On this day Kim Jong’s father and grandfather died.

Pig comes in dreams. The people of this country consider it auspicious. No one gives shoes as a gift in this country. Whoever gives shoes as a gift can be killed by this shoe. This country created Robot Guard in 2012 to protect the prison in technology. Military service is mandatory for men in North Korea.

According to the law of North Korea, it is forbidden to take photographs of vehicles. It has the highest poverty figure.

Foreign travelers coming here have been banned somewhere. In which cameras, phones, etc. have been banned. People here can travel abroad to any country. Here one can get a visa for foreign travel. Kim Jong had ordered to shoot the victims of the corona virus. So that no other person can spread the corona virus.

North Korea was forbidden by the US to conduct a nuclear test, but this country carried out 3 nuclear attacks despite the US refusing.

Know Good Things About The People Of North Korea

In North Korea, only government officials and military service can keep vehicles. The common man has to take approval from the government to have a car. Permission to keep a car is given to only 1 person in 1000 people. So the roads here are mostly empty. Electricity is scarce here. Therefore, there is a small amount of pollution here.

North Korea provides free homes for its citizens to live in
North Korea provides free homes for its citizens to live in

The people of North Korea celebrate their culture, they do not celebrate any other culture. Like the Weston culture is slowly coming in other countries. Weston culture is having an impact on the culture of all countries. North Korea provides free homes for its citizens to live in. Here education and health are provided free of cost.

The people of North Korea are pure hearted and naive. They get less information outside the world. Internet access has been banned here.

North Korea is a naturally beautiful country. There are beautiful mountains, magnificent lakes and rivers.

North Korea does not have modern weapons, but it has the fourth highest number of soldiers after China, India and America. The number of soldiers is about 12 lakhs. There is one soldier out of 25 in this country. Here, even the smallest crimes are punished with death. No one wants to lose his life by committing a crime. That’s why there are 0% of crime cases in this country. The world’s largest Rungrado 1st of May Stadium is built in North Korea.

Due to the corona virus in the country of North Korea, there has been a shortage of food items. All the people there will have to hand over their dogs to the government so that those dogs can be killed and used for food. No people wanting to hand over their dogs to the government, they have to pay a fine of $148, such a rule was implemented there.

On 2 September 1947, after the Second World War, Korea was divided into two parts. One North Korea and the other South Korea would both be separate countries.

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