110 Psychology Facts You Never Know!

Psychology Facts

Today present 110 Psychology facts. Everyone likes to read psychology facts, but we find out where to read strange facts. Today love facts should be the facts of your life in psychological facts, you will read. After reading these facts, you went to Pakka Chowk. Because you may not have read such facts before.

The word ‘psychology’ comes from the Greek word ‘psyche’ which translates as ‘breath, spirit, spirit’ and ‘logia’ which corresponds to ‘study’. It takes the average person about 66 days to make a daily habit.

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110 Psychology A Level Facts

Psychology Facts
Psychology Facts
  1. Everything is costly in the hope of respect of women, life of farmer and sacrifice of soldiers.
  2. 45% of boys in the world get married after 25 years.
  3. There have been many disorders in the world because of dreams.
  4. Blue wall in the school To remove the depression of the students, the government builds a blue wall in the school. Blue color is called color of mind.
  5. The day you wear nice clothes, you feel happy on this day.
  6. People who talk less and talk to themselves are more intelligent than others.
  7. People who like black color are more confident.
  8. The similarity of dreams of boys and girls is untrue. Boys have more dreams than girls.
  9. Those who have more than 130 IQ level, they have more dreams.
  10. When a person takes small things like chews, glasses, pens etc. that person is intelligent.
  11. If someone does evil to others in front of you, he must be doing evil to you.
  12. When people listen to the song of their choice, then the mood changes.
  13. When people eat the food of their choice, they eat more.
  14. When a person tells you a thing late at night, they are true. because then that person is tired.
  15. When a person hates each other then everything about each other seems wrong.
  16. A man wastes a year in his whole life to give to girls.
  17. A person who says yes to everything has less respect than a person who says no.
  18. You can never see someone’s face clearly in a dream.
  19. Some people show their expensive things to other people and not use those things.
  20. People have more power to remember a person’s mistake.
  21. When you come to know that the person in front loves me more, then you are attracted towards them.
  22. People like you more when you have more money.
  23. To know whether the person in front of you likes you or not. Pay attention to the moment of the person who imitates you and likes you.
Psychology Facts
Psychology Facts
  1. If you think too much then you are a genius.
  2. According to psychologists, girls get scary dreams more than boys.
  3. According to the psychologist, what is not easy to get is the desire to get it.
  4. When a person grows in love, then his personality automatically becomes good.
  5. Only girls speak the most ‘sorry’ words in the world.
  6. Eat chigam to stop you from humming a song over and over.
  7. The colder the room you slept in, the more scary dreams you will have at night.
  8. According to the psychology, When we laugh at a joke, our brain has to work on five different parts.
  9. A research shows that 72% of people come up with creative ideas while taking a bath in the bathroom.
  10. Being alone for a long time and smoking 15 cigarettes a day is as harmful as one.
  11. When we constantly think negative things, then our body feels sick.
  12. Man never knows the beginning of his dream.
  13. When a person sounds a song of his choice in the alarm, after a short time he starts not liking this song.
  14. Eating chigam relieves stress to a great extent.
  15. People who work with self-confidence, they take out the shortcomings of other people.
  16. There are seven people in the world who look like you.
  17. The candle burns longer than burning it after keeping it in the fridge for some time.
  18. Drinking black tea helps reduce damage to the lungs from cigarette smoking.
  19. Human skin sheds 10 million cells every day.
  20. The world’s oldest chigam is 9000 years old.
  21. pigs can never look at the sky.

Psychology Facts About Love

  1. Only parents’ love is available for free, for all other love, something has to be paid.
  2. When a person studies in love, then his ability to work decreases. Because that person keeps thinking about love all day long.
  3. The word ‘I love you’ is used the most in the month of November.
  4. 90% of boys proposed to girls first.
  5. True love people have a creative mind.
  6. Men are more attracted to a girl in red color.
  7. Girls are never satisfied with their beauty, they find other girls beautiful.
  8. When an attractive woman sees a man, this man’s thinking ability decreases.
  9. Girls do not talk eye to eye with the ones they love for a long time.
  10. People get married in the world, in the same way animals also marry. They also keep faith like us in seven births.
  11. Only 4 is enough for a person to fall in love with each other.
  12. According to the psychologist, after the breakup between two couples, the man feels more pain than the woman.
  13. Single people are more happier compare to people living in relation.
Psychology Facts
Psychology Facts

Psychology Facts About Life

Man walks his life as many times as it takes five rounds of the earth.

A person spends 5 months in the toilet in his life time.

A man spends five years dreaming.

Man spends 25 years in his life sleeping.

Humans spend 5 years in their life on food.

Women spend 8 months wearing their clothes.

Humans are responsible for 60,000 liters of water throughout their lives.

A smartphone’s entire life time users spend 5 years running their phone.


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