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Interesting Facts About GK

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Interesting Facts About General Knowledge

Sri Rama’s voice in the Japanese-made Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Ram was by Brian Canston, the actor of the world’s most famous series Breaking Bad.

Maharana Pratap was one of the greatest warriors of India. His height was 7 feet 5 inches, he fought with a spear of 80 kg, two swords of 208 kg and armor of 72 kg. Today is the birth anniversary of Maharana Pratap.

Due to the lock down, the Air Quality Index has come down to less than 50, as a result of which Himalayan mountains are visible from Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh.

Mumbai-based doctor Nitasha Keswani herself got infected while treating patients of corona virus. After a few days of treatment, she became healthy again and now after 2 weeks of quarantine, she wants to go to the hospital again and serve the people, salute to such warriors.

Interesting Facts About General Knowledge
Interesting Facts About General Knowledge

Azim Premji the only Indian at the third place in the list of 10 private donors in the world. Azim Premji has donated 1000 crores to fight the corona virus.

Sanskrit is considered the best language for computer software.

The unborn baby reacts more when listening to music.

Bal Thackeray had said two months before his death that hand over the army to me, I will fix the country in a month.

A squirrel’s tooth is always growing.

In the midst of the Corona virus crisis, Akshay Kumar donated 1000 wrist bands to identify the symptoms of corona to the Mumbai Police.

To become a police officer in Norway, three years of graduation in police studies is required.

Software is exported from India to 90 countries.

Tata Motors’ “Tata Hexa” SUV car will officially join the Bangladesh Army. The Bangladesh army has ordered over 200 “hexa” cars to Tata Motors.

Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan has been elected as the Chairman of the Executive Board by the WHO (World Health Organization). He will take over the responsibility from 22nd Tariq.

The world’s longest migratory bird is the Arctic Tern, traveling 11,222 km from the Arctic to Antarctica.

If you are nominated for an Oscar, then even if you lose, you are given a sum of $ 50,000.

The world’s oldest parrot was ‘Cookie’. Who died in 2016 at the age of 82. Its name is also recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Interesting Facts in English
Interesting Facts in English

About 75% of the people in the world start bathing with water on their head.

Every 8 seconds a child dies all over the world because of drinking contaminated water alone.

India is now conducting 1 lakh corona virus tests daily. 75% of these testing kits are made in India.

When in 1996 the Nepalese government refused to call back 128 Nepali girls rescued by the Mumbai Police from sex trafficking, Suniel Shetty sent them to Nepal at his own expense. This was recently disclosed by Charimaya Tamang, one of the same 128 girls, during an interview. Charimaya Tamang now runs an organization that saves such girls and enables them.

Interesting GK Facts Question

The bones of the human body grow up to 35 (35) years.

Which animal is not the father of water for weeks?

Ans: Came

Which animal can see even with closed eyes?

Ans: Camel


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