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  1. Strange Disease In History Facts
  2. World Strange Fruit
  3. Top 3 Invention By Mistake
  4. India’s Biggest Thief Market About Facts
  5. Why Hanging Before Sunrise ?

Strange Disease In History Facts

Do you know Dance disease. people in the world died of dancing disease. Dancing disease about amezing facts.One day in France 1518 year On roads female dancing but did not playing music. The women would fall till dancing and then dance again. People started wondering why the woman is dancing for no reason.

Dancing sickness about facts
Dancing sickness

This lady danced for many days. People started thinking of this woman as crazy. In the very next week, 34 people started dancing without reason. Dancing disease spread to more people and people were dying. This disease died in 400 people and they all started dancing. Some people believed that this disease is caused by depression. People could not find the medicine for this dancing disease. As the people suffering from the disease died, then the disease also ended.

World Strange Fruit

All kinds of trees in the world but some trees bear fruit and some trees do not bear fruit. The sandbox tree bears fruit that explodes like a bomb. But it tree is different. This tree bears fruit like a bomb. This tree name is sandbox tree.

World Strange Fruit a tree
strange Fruit

It is found in North America and South America. This tree is blasts like a dynamite bomb. Sandbox trees explode fruit then their seed shoots at a fast speed like a gunshot. After the fruit burst, the speed of the seed is 250 km per hour . People are afraid of this tree and this tree does not want to go near. This tree i

Top 3 Invention By Mistake


1. Joan Walker discovered the matchstick in 1826 year

Some invention that happened by mistake. Joan Walker was mixing some chemicals with wood in her lab when a lump formed behind the wood. To get rid of the lump behind the wood he started rubbing it on the table, then suddenly it caught fire. This is how matchstick were invented.

Sticky Notes

2. Dr. Spencer Silver discovered the Sticky notes in 1977 year

Once Researchers was making a strong sticky for a company called 3M.The researcher made it sticky but it didn’t become strong. Dr. Spencer Silver was trying to invent a super-strong adhesive, but he came up with a super-weak one instead. This Sticky notes was invented

Top 3 by Mistake invocation
By Mistake Innovated

Coca Cola

3. Dr. John S Pemberton discovered the Coca Cola in 1886 year.

Dr. John S Pemberton engaged in a recipe search. He made a syrup from the secret people. It was excellent in taste. Moved it to another city. Mixing water inside it started selling it for some money. Once by mistake the employee gave them the customer mixed ice and carbonated water inside. Customer happy to drink it. It was the invention of Coca-Cola.

India’s Biggest Thief Markets About Facts

India’s biggest thief market in at Mumbai. Chor Bajar market has located Mutton Street at Grant Road in Mumbai, India. This market is about 150 years old.

Thief Market about facts
Thief Market

This thief market was earlier known as Shor Bazaar. Because the shopkeepers here used to sell goods by speaking loudly. You will find all kinds of things in this thief market. You will get this thief market at low prices. There is a saying that you will also get stolen goods from your house. This thief market is like a stolen.

Why Hanging Before Sunrise ?

You must have ever heard that why do you give a person a hang before sunrise?

There are three reasons to give the hang before sunrise

1. Taking the life of any person can have a profound effect on another person. The day does not start with killing a man, so he is hanged before sunrise.

2. The human brain is positive in the morning. Any person is more mentally calm in the morning.

Hanging giving before sunrise

3. The hanging is given in prison and in the morning all the work starts. At the time of hanging, no one should have to face any mental disturbance to the person and the prisoner living in the prison. So we hang in the morning.

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