Today Current Affairs 20 December 2021 Headline And Quiz

Today Current Affairs. Here are some questions on current affairs and their answers are also given here. Daily Current Affairs will be provided here. We want the knowledge of current affairs to increase every day. It will help you prepare for government exams like SSC, IBPO, PO, RBI, RRB, CTET, TET, UPSC, BED, etc. If you read the question given here every day, your knowledge will definitely increase. If your friend is preparing for the exam, share it with friends, family and social media.

Today Current Affairs 20 December 2021

Q1. When is International Migration Day celebrated?

Ans. 18 December

Q2. Which has approved the widening of double lane roads for Chardham project?

Ans. Supreme Court

Q3. The Chief Minister of which state has started the Sahay scheme with the aim of exploiting the youth sports talent?

Ans. Jharkhand

Q4. Which bank has won 02 awards in ET BFSI Excellence Awards 2021?

Ans. DBS Bank

Q5. On which bank has RBI imposed a fine of Rs 1.8 crore?

Ans. Punjab National Bank (PNB)

Q6. Which country has passed the German Religious Prohibition Act?

Ans. America (US)

Q7. Which state government had recently canceled the registration of all 10-year-old diesel vehicles to comply with the NGT directions?

Ans. Delhi

Q8. Recently how many athletes have been included in the list of top athletes by India for the 2024 Olympics?

Ans. 148

Q9. Recently who will get the César d’Honour of French cinema?

Ans. Cate Ballacht

Q10. Who has recently become the new CEO of VM Software?

Ans. Anand Easwaran

Q11. Which bank has been authorized by RBI to collect indirect taxes recently?

Ans. RBL Bank

Q12. Who has recently won the Paralympic Awards 2021 Best Female Debut title?

Ans. Avani Lekhra

Q13. Recently who has launched ‘National Unity Song’ composed by NCC cadets?

Ans. Rajnath Shah

Q14. Which state government has recently declared Thai Vajthu as its state song?

Ans. Tamil Nadu

Q15. Who has recently won the book of 2021 ITF World Champion?

Ans. Novak Jokovik

Q16. Who has recently been named Time Magazine Athlete of the Year?

Ans. Gymnast Simone Biles 

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